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Repair of Kia Vehicles

The best way to care for your performance or sport Kia car is to make sure you have regular Kia repair or service from a place that knows you and your car. If you one the Cadenza, Forte, Sorento or Rio the performance standard drive and chassis system is something you want kept in the best condition. At Service Street we know there is a difference between how the Cadenza should handle and the expectations for responsiveness from the Sportage. Part of every Kia repair or service appointment includes a visual inspection of the suspension and chassis system to help our Kia Service Specialist spot any problem that may be developing.

Whether you are bringing in your Rio for its 90k Kia repair or service or are in the first year of owning your Optima Hybrid, Service Street is the best place for Kia repair or service in Parker. By coming in for your annual service and oil changes as well as the major Kia repair milestones, the Service Street technician will get to know what to expect from your car. While every Kia Soul is built the same, once they are owned they take on the influence of the driving style and habits of their owner. By coming to know your car, Service Street can tell when a small leak is normal, and when it is a sign of a greater problem.

Call Service Street today and make an appointment for your next Kia scheduled service. We are conveniently located in Parker and have a large stock of Kia OEM and approved parts so you will never have to wait long for your repair to be done.