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Repair of Jaguar Vehicles

If you are looking for a place to bring your vehicle for regular Jaguar repair and service in Parker, then your best choice is Service Street. Our Jaguar repair and service Technicians are qualified, experienced and detailed oriented and can help you extend the life of your car, while protecting your investment and resale value. Whether you are driving a XLR, F-Type or XJL Ultimate, XJ-S or XKR-S-GT we can provide all the Jaguar repairs you need.

During the seasonal changes in Parker, it is best to get your car ready rather than find out what you need. Especially with the latest XJR or performance XJL Supercharged, you may not be able to tell from your driving around town what you will need to handle extreme weather conditions. One of the things we do during our regular Jaguar repair and service appointments is make sure we inspect the underneath of your car while performing your oil change. This lets us detect any problems with your suspension system before any damage is caused. During certain months, there is more kinds of road debris that can harm your car and having the underneath inspected is essential. Making sure to have your suspension inspected to prevent damage is essential.

Call and make an appointment at Service Street today for your next Jaguar repair. We have one of the largest stocks of OEM and approved parts for Jaguar cars at our Parker location so we can provide you with whatever you need during your Jaguar repair and service and get you back out on the road quickly.