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Repair of Infiniti Vehicles

Welcome to Service Street the top Infiniti repair shop in the Parker area. We make sure that each of our prospective clients feels comfortable working with us. It is of the utmost importance to us to show how valued our customers are. This is why our clients trust us to bring us their Infiniti whether it is a G, Q50, Q60, QX50, QX60, or a part of the IPL series, over to our shop and have our tenured technicians take a skilled look at the state of the vehicle. The team of highly trained mechanics is ready to make your gorgeous Infiniti car run and look just like new as soon as you bring it in for service.

As a top tier Infiniti services provider, Service Street in Parker is happy to help any and all of our customers to make sure that their investment in a great car is being maintained properly. We offer all of our customers a great preventative service offering that will help to keep unforeseen problems from occurring. Furthermore, we are able to monitor challenges with your Infiniti vehicle through computer diagnostics, and we can fix any problem with expert level mechanical repairs.

If you are an Infiniti car owner, and you are experiencing challenges with your car, then you should call our trained professionals over at Service Street in Parker. We will go the extra mile for you to be completely satisfied with the results that you are given by our professional company.