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Repair of BMW Vehicles

We are Service Street, a team of ASE Certified Technicians and knowledgeable and friendly staff, here to provide repair and maintenance service to BMW owners in Parker. Our goal is to see every one of our customers leave happy with a vehicle that is well maintained and safe. The BMW line of vehicles, the1-7 Series, X, Z4, M, and the Hybrids are our specialty and all of our work is backed by our 3 Year/36,000 Mile Warranty. We know the exceptional reputation BMW has for its style, performance, and superior quality, and at Service Street we carry that torch proudly through our services.

We know that the best way to enjoy your vehicle and have it run at its peak for you for many miles is to have trusted and certified professionals care for it. We encourage you to bring it in for regular maintenance and at the first sign of an issue that may need repair. We have a team of ASE Certified Technicians who take great pride in the work they perform. If you are currently experiencing an issue with your BMW, whether it be an illuminated light, a new and unfamiliar noise you’ve noticed, or you know it is time for the tires to be rotated, give us a call. Delaying repairs and/or maintenance may cause damage to your vehicle. We look forward to hearing from you; contact Service Street for a BMW repair appointment.