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Parker Wheel Alignment

Every vehicle will need to have its wheel alignment adjusted several times during the life of the car. Wheel alignment provides for the proper rotation of the tires and responsiveness of the steering and suspension system. At Service Street, we provide wheel alignment service for all year, make and model vehicles.


It isn’t always easy to know when your wheel alignment is off. The signs of a poor alignment aren’t easily detected. Many people think that shaky steering or a pull in one direction indicates a poor wheel alignment, but those problems may come from poor tire balance instead. One of the surest indicators of a poor wheel alignment is uneven tire tread and a decrease in fuel economy. A Service Street technician will measure the depth of the tread of your tire in several places to determine if it is wearing evenly or not. If the wear is uneven, they will then check the toe and camber measurements of your wheel. If you have noticed a drop in the gas mileage you are getting, let a Service Street service technician know, this is a major indicator that your wheel alignment is off as well.


Call today and make an appointment at Service Street in Parker to have your wheel alignment checked. During the service we will examine the condition of your tires and make sure they are properly inflated as well. If our service technician finds any other issues with your driving or suspension system, they will let you know your options immediately so you can be confident in getting back on the road.