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Parker Synthetic Oil Change

If your vehicle is equipped with a HEMI or turbo charged engine, then you want your next synthetic oil change to be done at Service Street in Parker. Our experienced technicians know what type of synthetic blends and filters are going to work the hardest to protect the performance of your engine. The HEMI and turbo charged engines are unique, not just in the performance they deliver, but in their needs for the kind of protective fluids they require to stay operating at peak efficiency.


We stock a wide variety of blends to meet the needs of each synthetic oil change at our Parker location. A Service Street repair technician can explain why the specific synthetic oil is recommended for your HEMI or turbo charged engine. Both styles of engine operate at a much higher heat than average and the synthetic oils are specially formulated to protect the internal engine parts from heat and friction damage. Another problem with high heat operation is it can encourage the formation of deposits from conventional oil breaking down, with a synthetic oil change you don’t have to worry about this. Synthetic oils maintain their integrity at higher temperatures so they can protect your car better.


Make an appointment today at Service Street for a synthetic oil change. We have hours that make getting a synthetic oil change easy and can help you select the best products to keep your HEMI or turbo charged engine delivering the kind of performance you expect.