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Parker Check Engine Light Service

If your car isn’t due for an inspection, many people feel comfortable driving around with the check engine light on as it doesn’t seem like an emergency. The check engine light is a very important part of your car’s warning system that something has malfunctioned that could lead to a very costly repair. Having the check engine light diagnosed at Service Street is not nearly as expensive as leaving it alone and having to replace your engine later.

The check engine light serves to alert you that the computer control module on your car has registered an error code concerning a malfunction in your emissions systems. This is why many people think they can wait to have their car serviced when the check engine light comes on. They wrongly believe that the emissions system is just a part of regulations applied to the car and not a part of the operations of the vehicle. The proper functioning of your emission system is dependent on the proper functioning of your engine systems. If the check engine light has come on, it usually means a problem with your engine has now reached out far enough to interrupt your emissions. At Service Street in Parker, we can read the stored error message and work to eliminate the causes until the problem is corrected.

Call and make an appointment as soon as your check engine light turns on. We are conveniently located in Parker and have extended service hours so you can come in when your schedule allows.