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Parker Brake Repair

One of the things that can complicate brake repair is that the braking system is often electronically connected to other safety systems, such as air bags and restraints. When your brake repair warning light appears on your dash, it alerts you that there is a problem, but may not specify where the problem is. That is why a Service Street brake repair technician is going to connect your vehicle to electronic diagnostic equipment first, then examine the mechanical parts of the actual brake.

At Service Street, we provide brake repair services to all year, make and model cars. We have the diagnostic equipment to help trace the problem so your repair is done fast. While newer model cars have an extensive micro-processor control system, many of the older models relied on sensors and switches to create the same connections between your safety systems. Making sure that your brake repair checks all the parts of the system, as well as making the obvious repair, is a part of the quality brake repair service that Service Street provides.

Call and make an appointment for your brake repair. We are conveniently located in Parker and have extended service hours that make sure you can bring your car in for brake repair as soon as possible.