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Parker 90,000 Mile Service

The main thing that a technician from Service Street is concerned about checking during your 90,000 mile service is the condition of your timing belt. The timing belt is the one thing that allows the engine and drivetrain to function properly together. It keeps the camshaft and crankshaft in harmony. Should the timing belt wear or break, then the engine and drivetrain are no longer synched. This means that the valves are no longer allowing for intake and outlet appropriately and you will wind up with an engine that is broken beyond repair. High heat in engines can cause the block to crack and head to fail. Both of these can cost thousands to replace or repair.

A Service Street 90,000 mile service will also check other components identified by the manufacturer as being at risk for performance failure at the 90,000 mile mark. This can include everything from suspension and steering systems to the brakes. At our Parker location, we have a stock of OEM and recommended replacement parts, fluids, filters, sensors and other items that you may need replaced to keep your car in its best working order. We won’t replace anything not covered by the core cost of the 90,000 mile service without explaining the need first and getting your approval.

Call Service Street today and make an appointment for your 90,000 mile service. The cost of the service may wind up preventing you from spending thousands of dollars later to replace you engine or having to purchase a new vehicle altogether.