About Us


Come visit out Parker location which is right by the intersection of South Parker Road and Hess Road! Service Street is an auto repair company that goes about it’s business in a different way. From the very first time talking to these guys you can tell they’re experienced and are really there to fix your car. They take pride in the way they present themselves and that makes them excellent to work with.


Our approach to business

Service Street hearkens back to the days when full service at your local filling station was just the way business was done. Our focus on creating repeat customers through our business practices of quality work, honesty, and courtesy in a clean, environmentally responsible atmosphere makes even more sense today. It’s really quite simple. Our goal is to distinguish ourselves from our competitors by providing outstanding service for your car and unsurpassed service to you.


We look different

We believe in a straightforward, no-nonsense approach to business. Our distinctive but simple architecture, our uncluttered website, our down-to-earth advertising, and our clean and tidy atmosphere inside and out, all speak to the way we do business. No hype, no gimmicks, no hassles. We want you to feel absolutely comfortable at Service Street.