4/21/2018 Jon Versteeg A little background first. My Dad was both a Mechanic and a Service Manager for over 40 yours in Dealership in NE South Dakota: they prided themselves in being Honest, well trained and viewed the Customer as King--always strived to keep prices as low as possible while still protecting reliability and safety. I, along with my wife who discovered Deanna and James Barber 12 years ago, finally found an equivalent to my Dad's philosophy. We were extremely pleased with the Barbers at a Goodyear store in Parker for 11 years and so were our children an 3 Grandchildren who were of driving age. When they moved, along with many loyal employees to Service Street in 2017 we did not hesitate to all take our business there. Again, we were very pleased with their new Processes but more importantly they and their Employees---the critical People component of the equation! Feel free to call us at 303-841-2825 for confirmation! Jon & Carolyn
4/17/2018 I came in without an appointment for an oil change and inspection of fluid etc. Staff were friendly, work was done quickly (about 45 minutes) and seemed to be done well.
4/3/2018 Brandon Plasky Yesterday I posted a review expressing my frustration about the issue concerning how I felt screwed out of my money because of my car. After my experience in the last 24 hours, I want everyone who leaves these reviews to know that they DO read these and listen to your frustrations. Your voice is heard. I was so unbelievably frustrated yesterday, and they DID makes things right. They took great care of my fiancee and me, and I would go back again.
1/24/2018 Difficult issue with electronic problems with my Jeep. Deanna and Service Street were very knowledgeable and fixed the issue as they promised
10/1/2017 We had a major problem after an oil change. We appreciate them assuming responsibility and taking care of the problem. The fix took several weeks to complete. The only criticism I would have is that they weren't very good with communicating the status of the repair. I had to call them every time except once to find out what was happening.
7/26/2017 Rob Dimartino Thank you service street for fixing my car in time for me too get back to work. I trust service street to fix and work on even my European cars. Again thanks for the great financing approval aswell!
4/9/2017 leesa sickler i came in earlier this week to get service done on my car and when i walked in there was a older gentleman in a camo coat asleep at the front desk. I was going to leave and not come back then i remembered that the tech Travis always takes care of me and my car makes sure it always safe to drive. If Travis was not there i would have not come back at all after seeing employees sleeping t the front desk. I will keep coming back as long a Travis is there as a tech or management i don't think the older gentleman is not a good fit for this shop. Thank you, Travis for always helping and talking me thur things
3/31/2017 Bob D Fast and quality. Best service shop I have ever used. Been using Service Street over 5 years.
3/20/2017 Wendi Macey I called early this AM b/c my dealer failed to pick up my call(s) after my hubs noticed a pool of oil on our brand new garage floor! I called and got Justin who listened and lent a sympathetic ear. It times out to be the dealer's tech mistake b/c the oil filter was not in tigh enough. Not only did the Service Street Tech fix it, he replaced the filter at no charge nor was I charged to even "look" at my vehicle! Who does this? No one but them apparently. I tipped the tech $20 and on my way - deep breath - sigh! We WILL BE BACK!!!!! Ty, Ty, Ty!!!! I'm in awe of their cust serv.
11/12/2016 Lacy Reeves I appreciate their friendly and professional service, their clean waiting room and willingness to shuttle customers to and from home when needed. I've gone here several times, and even though it had been over a year since I'd been in (and showed up in a different car), they knew my name. I like knowing you can still get personal, quality service in our not-so-small-town.
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